Things To Do In Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnels
An underground maze covering a whopping 250km, the Cu Chi tunnels were dug by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War to act as living quarters, command centres and ammunition stores. Crawling through the tunnels is an eerie yet thrilling Vietnam travel experience.

Mekong Delta
The Mekong Delta produces one of Vietnam’s most important exports – rice, and thus acts as the backbone of Southern Vietnam’s economy. While you’re travelling in Vietnam, you can take a boat trip down the Mekong, where you will pass the colourful floating markets of Cai Rang and Cai Be among others. Here, vendors will offer their wares from their boats jammed with produce, dangling their goods in the air from a long pole

Hue is the ancient royal capital of Vietnam and is rich in culture. Things to do in Hue include; a cruise down the Perfume River and visits to historic sights and monuments such as the Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda and the Palace of Supreme Peace.

Hoi An
Hoi An is located on the coast in Central Vietnam, and it’s a favourite amongst travellers to Vietnam. It is well known for its excellent tailors, its art galleries, and its narrow streets crammed with tiny wooden cafes serving steaming coffee. There is a noticeable Chinese influence in Hoi An. Centuries ago Chinese traders came to offer their goods here and the charm of the town is still completely undeniable. There’s plenty to do in Hoi An, from visiting the historic temple complex of My Son, to relaxing on the beach, or you could even try your hand at some traditional Vietnamese cooking. Either way, we’re sure that Hoi An will become a highlight of your Vietnam trip.

Tucked away in Northern Vietnam, this stunning area is home to hill tribes such as the Black H’mong and the Red Dzao. With hikes through the lush green valleys departing every day, and the opportunity to visit the famous Love Market, a trip to Sapa will give you an authentic rural Vietnam travel experience.

Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc is a splendid tropical gateway set with beautiful beaches and quaint fishing villages. There’s plenty to do here if you’re looking for more than just lying on a beach though. The interior of the island is a protected area where you can go for walks or even hiking. Phu Quoc is largely considered as one of Vietnam’s star attractions so you’d be mad to leave it out of your own Vietnam trip!

Ho Chi Minh City
Packed full of interesting things to see and do, HCMC has plenty to keep travellers to Vietnam occupied. Visits to the War Remnants Museum, Reunification Palace and the Revolution Museum will offer greater insight into the country’s history, whilst trips to the numerous temples and pagodas will offer a far more spiritual experience.

The beautiful city of Hanoi is crammed full of local eateries, markets and shops. If you fancy a weird Vietnam travel experience, you could visit the mausoleum of former president, Ho Chi Minh. Perhaps you may like to finish a busy day with a trip to the Municipal Water Puppet Theatre, on the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake.

Get Ready to Discover Adventure

Halong Bay: Nothing compares to the beauty of Halong Bay, Vietnam’s most dramatic natural asset. A UNESCO seascape, its thousands of lush limestone karsts rise majestically from the sea in spectacular fashion. Hidden caverns, forested islands and floating isles are accessed by overnight cruises on local junks, by kayaking, boating or simply swimming in the calm bay waters.

Northernmost Sapa: The stunning offerings of Vietnam’s Northern provinces around picturesque Sapa feature some of the best hiking and trekking opportunities in the country, and a glimpse into one of Vietnam’s most fascinating cultures. The lush scenery of soaring mountains, staggered rice terraces and plunging valleys interposed by small hill-tribe communities take away the breath. The alpine scenery affords treks to Indochina’s highest peak, Mt. Fansipan and its environs, homestays with natives for an up-close encounter with local life, and visits to remarkable ethnic markets where everything from colorful hand-made crafts to buffalo are sold. This is the best region for hiking and adventures including jeep safaris, boating and kayaking.

The Central Coast and Highlands

Vietnam’s east coast and central highlands are a traveler’s delight, featuring glorious beaches, lively resort towns, sleepy fishing villages and the imperial former capital of Hue. Inland, awesome scenery, lakes covered with lotus blossoms, neatly ploughed hillside fields and an ideal climate greet travelers.

Nha Trang: Distinguished by crystal-clear waters, modern resorts and great nightlife, lovely Nha Trang and its vicinity is Vietnams’ watersports’ Mecca. Pristine white and red beaches, invite with kayaking, snorkeling, diving and swimming.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Up the coast, 3 of Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites cluster in proximity. Hoi An, an old sleepy river town, famed for its tailoring, lovely pagodas, a Japanese bridge and pretty French Quarter is a colonial gem. Nearby, My Son Sanctuary, with its ruins of impressive Hindu temples and royalty grounds, is the capital of the ancient Champa Kingdom. Set on the Perfume River, imperial Hue, the once-capital of Vietnam and home to emperors of the past, boasts an ancient citadel with ornate pagodas, royal tombs and a Forbidden City.

Dalat: Inland, the charming hilltop town of Dalat is perched on the cooling mountains of the central highlands. This center of romance is small, beautiful and very French, and houses Emperor Bao Dai’s summer palaces. This is the area of forested mountains, ice blue lakes and grand waterfalls where hiking, walking, boating and cycling enhance the spirit of romantic adventure.

Saigon and the South

Cosmopolitan Saigon, with its glass skyscrapers, its brightly colored, ornate pagodas, its host of modern shops, its cacophony of horns and shouting, and its unique mode of traffic – 4 million motorbikes – is glitzy, chaotic and mesmerizing. Its history sets it apart: A main venue during the Vietnam War, it overflows with tragic remnants.

About Vietnam Golf

Not the least of which is golf. Come to this land to enjoy some fabuous Vietnam Golf Vacations. In the period since 2000 a number of world class golf courses have been developed in Vietnam and its major cities. And Vietnam is an exciting and affordable destination with well organized golf tours so one never has to play the same course twice, it includes a chance to see an historic country and experience its warm weather, beautiful people, delicious food and see some of the historic sites.

A number of full and organized itineraries have been put in place to take the need for the golfer to worry about anything. And full entertainment and sightseeing packages are available for wives or non-golfing partners.

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The Golf courses range from the Mountainous Courses in Hanoi to the coastal courses in Danang and Saigon. Plus a game at the famous challenging course at Long Thanh. Wives or non golfing companions will be escorted to the famous sightseeing locations all around this beautiful country so this is a break of a lifetime. It is a chance to enjoy golf and visit this fabulous country and enjoy its wonderful offerings.

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Take the Train

Trains in Vietnam are very cheap; you can travel from one end of the country to the other and not spend $50. You can get for instance an overnight train from Saigon to Nha Trang for about $15USD; this would be a soft sleeper with 4 people in the cabin. You can save a little more and get a hard sleeper for the same trip for about $12 where you share the cabin between 6 people, and if you are real hard core you can go with a soft seat for around $10, which I would not recommend as these compartments are over crowed with luggage.

Trains also are attractive in Vietnam if you have a lot of luggage as they do not weigh it. You can bring as heavy as you carry and load by yourself and not have to pay over weight limits which is great for scuba divers and surfers. Lets say that you come to Vietnam on a cheap flight from Hawaii, most US international flights allow you unto 70 pounds or 31 kilos; in Asia many flights are 22 kilos max including you hand luggage which they will weigh if you are close to the limit. If you take an overnight sleeper you can also save one night of hotel accommodations which is a great budget stretcher to keep you on the road longer.