A Brief Rundown of

Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship.

Studies have shown that 57% of couples are not happy in their relationships, but this doesn’t mean that they find their partners unattractive. These rose-tainted glasses have led to many people staying in the unhealthy relationship. Here are signs of the unhealthy relationship that you might be in, which you should come out of and find the loving and healthy relationship that you deserve.

Control with kindness is probably one of the most subtler signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship. Partners that root out your weaknesses and use them to control, you are as bad as the ones that use fear and violence. A great partner, regardless of whether they are the source of your happiness, will ensure that you have it and are better without manipulating you. Another sign that your relationship is unhealthy is when there is emotional blame and you the partners is technically an emotional vampire. These partners will never want you to have your own feeling and may even deflect whenever that there is a problem and you want to discuss it.

The other red flag that you should watch out for is when they are clingy and therefore need coddling, because this is actually not loved but more of a mean to manipulate you. These partners, for instance, may guilt trip you for spending time with family and friends, and this will, in turn, lead to the isolation that will then lead you to be too dependent on their company.

There are also the ones that use the unspoken standards to control you and create some power struggle. You have to remember that you are not a project and should never let anyone tear you down, which means that the ones that try to change you do not also deserve you. If they express issues with their other pats relationship, then this is also a sign. There are partners that instead of supporting your goals, they are so hell-bent on sabotaging your success so that you can depend on them.

Another red flag is when they are almost always angry. While the small fights and arguments may seem petty now, they can damage or strain relations and you should be able to talk and solve them as adults. You should know when someone just needs you rather than love you, to avoid the emotional manipulations. Healthy relationship usually have two things in common and that is trust and the power balance. If you are in a relationship with one or more of these telltales, it means that you should start looking for better.