Discover Vietnam with Bicycle

Asiana Travel Mate arranges one such Vietnam cycling trip. The people who will lead the Vietnam cycling trip are all professionals who have a lot of experience and knowledge in these areas so all your needs is taken care of. You just need strength in your legs to peddle your cycle and vision in your eyes to savor the beauty of Vietnam.

Biodiversity in Vietnam is ranked 16th in the whole world and there are 11 new species of animals and plants that are discovered here every year. On your cycling trip you are sure to experience many different kinds of wildlife and plants and trees as well. There are 126 parks that are protected for conservation and 28 official national parks that house the wildlife treasures of Vietnam and you can experience all this right from the impressive height, the saddle of your bicycle offers you.

You will also come across Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam’s two biggest cities while on the Vietnam cycling trip and here you can take a cruise on the waterways of Vietnam which are touted to be about 17,000 kms in length. The cities are also a grand display of the development that Vietnam has achieved in education and social issues. These cities are great for shopping and the usual items for sale for foreigners are embroidery, wood carvings and silk. The cuisine of Vietnam is also very unique and it can be experienced in its authentic form in these big cities. Fish sauces of different varieties like sweet, sour, spicy etc are famous here.

A cycling trip can be undertaken any time of the year and its as exciting as it can get. As diverse as Vietnam is in biodiversity, it is equally diverse in topography due to which the climates you will experience will keep changing as you go from place to place. Everyday is a new day with a new climate and that’s the best experience of the Vietnam cycling trip. From the beaches to the mountains to the waterways and the big bustling cities the Vietnam cycling trip takes you everywhere.