Educational Holidays

National Parks to Visit in Vietnam

When you embark upon holidays to Vietnam you must visit some of the national parks. Cat Ba National Park is no exception, located in Cat Hai district, Cat Hai supports a diversity of natural habitats, including forested hills and small fresh water lakes. A total of 839 vascular plant species have been recorded at the national park. Another national park you should explore is Ba Vi National Park, located 50km west of Hanoi. The park has several rare and endangered plants in its protected forest, and its mammals include two species of rare ‘flying’ squirrel. Human encroachment on the area has made the chances of seeing any of these quite rare but anything is possible in Vietnam.

Holidays to Vietnam and Wildlife

When searching for holidays to Vietnam you may be persuaded by the wonderful wildlife this fascinating country has to offer. From the Asian elephant to the leopard cat, these stunning creatures are something extra special to see for sure. The country is home to 275 species of mammal, 800 species of bird and 180 species of reptile. The extensive forests of the central highlands and far north remain a home to some of nature’s most noble creatures, such as the tiger, Asian elephant, clouded Jeopardy and sun bear. If there is ever a time to explore the wildlife that Vietnam has to offer it is now, whether you enjoy bird watching or observing a tiger in the wonderful wild. The nature of the wild is precious and waiting to be explored. Holidays to Vietnam will leave you feeling inspired and relaxed.